Why Do Have Numb Hands? 7 Reasons To Pay More Attention To Your Health!

At some point in our lives, everyone has experienced a sensation of numbness and tingling in the hands, something that happens due to a temporary interruption of the blood circulation in the limb.

Next, in this article we will show you the 7 main reasons why your hands get numb so you can detect any health problem in time.

What you need to know about why you have numb hands

1.Multiple sclerosis.
It is due to the destruction of the cerebral and nervous membranes of the spinal cord, which interrupts the passage of nerve impulses, reducing sensitivity and causing numbness.

2.Cervical osteochondrosis.
It is due to the alteration of the cervical spine that causes compression of a nerve and interruption of blood flow causing numbness in the hands, headache and coordination problems.

3.Tunnel syndrome.
It is very common in people who perform activities with a monotonous work with their hands, such as programmers, musicians, etc. What happens is that due to the repetitive movements of the fingers, the tendons tend to swell causing numbness.

4.Venous thrombosis.
It is because the clot slows blood flow causing oxygen and nutrients to not reach their destination, which can have more serious complications such as gangrene.

5.Anemia and Diabetes.
They are usually related to circulatory problems in the extremities.

6.Neuralgia of the branchial plexus.
This is due to the long-term inflammation of the surrounding tissue that causes pain and causes numbness in the hands.

7.Stroke or cerebrovascular accidents.
This is the most dangerous cause of numbness in the hands.

Note: If you feel numbness in the hands accompanied by an alteration in the lower extremities, confusion, headache, and speech and vision disorders, you should go immediately to the doctor.

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