What to eat after the harmful food?

Harmful food is something we “sin” every day. We try to eat healthy, but always some chips, sandwiches or french fries will spoil our plans. So we take more salt, lots of fat, sugars and artificial flavors or preservatives. This leads to swelling of the stomach, gas and lazy intestine. Problems are there, so we have to do something to escape the unpleasant feeling of weight in the stomach.

It is very important not to exceed the recommended daily intake of sodium (below 2,300 mg) and sugar (up to 6 tablespoons for women and up to 9 teas for men). It is also good to limit the amount of fat (up to 65 grams per day or an average of about 2,000 calories a day).

Obesity, metabolic disorders, diabetes and heart problems are the more serious health problems we can get if we do not restrict the intake of harmful foods. The first step we need to take is to choose foods and beverages to help ease the stomach’s weight after consuming fast food.

If we overdo the harmful food, more sodium is accumulated in our body. This may increase blood pressure, increase the risk of heart attack, stroke or the occurrence of kidney disease. Therefore, foods rich in potassium counteract sodium. For example, in medium-sized bananas there are about 422 mg of potassium, oranges contain between 230 and 350 mg of mineral, avocados and spinach are also very rich in potassium.

Wholegrain foods are also a good choice after eating harmful foods. They satiate us quickly and reduce the desire for sugar and carbohydrates. They are rich in fiber, which in turn supports the gastrointestinal tract.

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