What fruits contain the most sugar?

“Instead of a cookie or a chocolate, I will take some fruit,” a sentence uttered by each of us, in trying to satisfy the need for good, to deceive the body and bite something healthy.

But sometimes it’s better to bite that order of chocolate (especially if it’s high in cocoa) or that little cookie, instead of fruits that are rich in sugars.

How is the situation in the fruit pyramid?Image result for fruit pyramid

At the bottom of the fruit pyramid with the smallest percentage of sugars is the avocados (yes, avocados are fruit).

Contains only 1 gr. sugars in one cup product. This is probably the healthiest choice you can make, as we know the avocados contain healthy saturated fats and fiber.

On the second staircase is the small forest fruits – blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, aronia, strawberries.

The amount of sugar in this type of fruit in a cup is 5 – 13 g.

In the third part of the pyramid is the fruit that we usually import: apples, pears, citruses, oranges and bananas. The amount of sugar in these fruits ranges from 4-19 g. in a mug.

At the top of the fruit pyramid is mango. It contains the highest percentage of sugars in its composition – as much as 26 gr. in a mug product.

Mango is the sweetest fruit, and if you can not fit it, limit your consumption to a few pieces, keeping in mind the daily intake of sugar units.

Fruit sugar or fructose is certainly healthy and desirable for the consumption and normal functioning of the body.

Fruits should be part of the daily diet, but of course as for everything else, and the same rule applies – in moderation.

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