Transform Your Fat Into Natural Energy With This Vegetable!

Today I would like to ask you something and I would like you to answer me with great sincerity, do you like all vegetables?

Without fear of being wrong, I am sure that your answer would be: “not all, but the vast majority” and then, dear, I would ask you again, do you like radish? Yes? No? What do you say?

Well, I assure you that after reading this article he will be your best friend and you will love him as much as I do. And I discovered that this root vegetable has components that are wonderful for our body, it can also transform our fat into energy, incredible, right? but very, very true.

Its nutritional components are very powerful, on the one hand, it is composed of 95% water, and well, you should know what I think about it, it’s great for our body!

On the other, it contains vitamins B and C, and minerals such as phosphorus, iron, sulfur, calcium and magnesium. Its components also include iodine and potassium, which provide antibiotic and antiviral properties.

The family to which it belongs, Brassicaceae or formerly known as cruciferous, has detoxification enzymes and isothiocyanates, which when consumed constantly, give our body anti-cancer properties.

It is so energetic that even the ancient Egyptians included it in their diet and thanks to this and other foods such as onion, cucumber, and garlic, they could raise their physical effort to build what we now know as wonders of the world.

The Greeks and Romans also consumed it, there are even investigations of the twelfth century that proved their health benefit.

Now, do you want to know why our body can help turn fat into energy?

Here is the extraordinary vitamin C, do you remember that I mentioned that the radish contained it? Well, this vitamin improves the disposition of our body to burn fat.

As it is an important antioxidant, it makes our metabolism regulate and improve its capacity, increasing the metabolic rate when we are at rest and therefore the production of energy.

If we consume more natural energy, we burn more fat and our body will be more active internally. Great!

The radish also contains fiber, which adds points so that we lose weight because by consuming it on a daily basis, we regulate intestinal movements and strengthen our intestinal flora, increasing the capacity of our metabolism.

Now you wonder … how to prepare it and have more natural energy?

There are many easy and quick recipes that you can follow to get the most out of this vegetable. On this occasion I recommend three:

Idea 1: Pink smoothie

You will need:

– 2 radishes

– 3 oranges

5 strawberries

– 1 glass of water

Prepare it like this:

Let’s start by squeezing the oranges to obtain a delicious juice. We pour this one in the blender and we also add the glass of water.

Now, we wash the strawberries and radishes well, both foods are cut into pieces and added to the blender.

Finally, we blend until all the ingredients are mixed correctly and serve.

Its flavor is strong but delicious and its color is pink, that’s why its name. Take it two or three times a week. I hope you enjoy it!

Idea 2: Radish Ratatouille

You will need:

– 3 radishes

– 1 ceb

– 2 carrots

– 5 branches of celery

– 1 zucchini

– Sesame oil

– Salt and pepper to taste

Prepare it like this:

You must cut all the ingredients into slices: the onion, the radish, the carrots, the celery and the zucchini.

After having done it, you are going to put a pan with two teaspoons of sesame oil, let the onion and carrot fall first, these need more cooking time to get to the point, and cover the pan.

After 10 minutes add the celery and zucchini, put salt and pepper to our liking and let cook all the ingredients over low heat for 10 more minutes.

If you like vegetables al dente, you can let them cook less time. If you like softer, you can leave them a little more.

Afterward, you serve and eat a delicious ratatouille.

Idea 3: Infusion of radish

You will need:

– 1 radish

– 1 glass of water

– 1 tablespoon of honey

Prepare it like this:

Boil the water. Just get to the boiling point, serve in a glass and add the sliced radish thin. Cover the glass and wait 5 minutes for the heat to make its effect.

Once the time is up, remove the radish slices and add a spoonful of honey. Stir and drink all the benefits of this fabulous vegetable.

Did you like them?

In this article I ask you many questions, I know. But the time has come for you to do it to me because my goal is to be able to help you always. So tell me, have you implemented this or some magical vegetable to control your weight?

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