This Way You Will Be Able To have your clothes as white and fresh as flowers. Without Chemicals, Cheap And Easy!

Have you sometimes saw that the clothes are losing color as time goes by? In the same way, it is worn out until they are looking like a piece of cloth impossible to put on given its conditions. This happens most of the time because some detergents have a lot of chemical components that with the passing of a certain period of time, wear clothes and make them discolor.

Fortunately, there is an infallible ingredient to keep your clothes in good condition, we talk about vinegar.

Benefits offered by vinegar to your clothes

How to have white clothes

Power the action of the detergent
If you pour half a cup of vinegar along with the rinse that you use to wash your clothes, they will be much cleaner and free of germs.

Acts as a softener

This component has qualities that soften the fabrics, combating the rough parts that these acquire product of the different cleaning chemicals.

Completely eliminates stains caused by body sweat:

The deodorant adheres quickly to the fabric, and is very difficult to remove with washing. However, the use of vinegar is ideal, because just adding a little of this liquid to the clothes while it is in the process of washing will eliminate the stains and the unpleasant odor obtained by the sweat.

Cleans and eradicates the residual detergent powder that remains on the clothes.

Add half a cup of vinegar to the wash, this will remove the soap residue that almost always adhere to the fabric, causing the clothes to discolor and have a strange smell.

Counteracts odors

It is normal that the smell of cigarettes, alcohol, perfumes and other environmental gases are incorporated into our clothing and no matter how many times we wash it, there are times when the smell simply does not go away. Add vinegar in the wash and you will stop worrying about those situations.

Remove the stains

Look for a large pot to boil some water, when it reaches its boiling point you remove it from the heat and let it rest until it is warm, pour a cup of vinegar and place to soak the stained clothes throughout the night. The next day, wash it as usual and you will notice that the stain will have disappeared.

Avoid lint

The vinegar prevents the lint and short strands of the animals from sticking to the clothes, you just have to wash it with a little bit of the liquid, place the garment in the dryer and, when you remove it, you will see the absence of animal hair.

Help keep delicate clothes

On this occasion you will have to wash by hand, adding 6 tablespoons of vinegar in the place where you soak and let it rest for 30 minutes. Then, you let it dry and ready.

In addition to all the above mentioned benefits, it also eliminates the static textile and keeps the washing machine completely clean, this thanks to when you pour the vinegar, not only is washing, but also cleaning all the chemical residues left by the detergent in it.

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