This Trick Will Remove Sweat Stains On Your Favorite Clothes As If By Magic!

Everyone is aware that white clothes are never going out of style, so why not keep your white clothes.

The classics of fashion have always been black and white garments, although it is easier to keep the garments black, white is still the favorite of most people, they give you a particular touch and very elegant that certain black garments do not give you.

But certainly keeping your clothes white, totally white is extremely difficult, as there are always unforeseen events that can leave a sweat stains on your garment that you can not easily remove, and even if you wash it, the shadow of that stain will always remain, just like with the passing of years, this clothing loses its whiteness, and ends up becoming yellowish or rather percudiendo, for which there is no choice but to end up throwing that garment, because the constant use of chlorine is also weakening the fibers of the fabric. But today you will see in this post the solution to your problems, do not discard that white garment that you love so much, because with this homemade trick you will be able to keep your white clothes for as much time as possible.

Trick to keep your white clothes always neat and without percudidos.

To make this great homemade recipe you will need the following:

-One teaspoon of dishwasher detergent, preferably liquid.

-3 or 4 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide).

-2 tablespoons of baking soda.


Mix the ingredients well until you get a kind of paste, then that same paste is what you’re going to rub on the stains, let act for a few minutes and proceed to wash as you usually do.

With this recipe you will not need to use chlorine, because once you apply this paste and then put your white clothes to the washing machine this will act on the rest of the garment whitening it completely.

We hope that this tip has been to your liking, if you liked sharing it with your friends and leave us your experience.

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