This Simple Flower Kills More Bacteria Than Chlorine … And You May Have It In Your Garden

In the flower of Jamaica was found bactericidal properties that eliminate up to 90% of bacteria, according to the team of researchers from the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo (Mexico). This means that Jamaica water is a bactericide and is much more powerful than chlorine.

To reduce the contamination of the food we consume, it is necessary to find bactericides that are safe for health, and each time it is a challenge for science.

You knew that between one and one hundred thousand bacteria can coexist in fruits or vegetables, specifically if what is contaminated is the water or soil in which they were grown. Not to mention everything that these foods can contain like chemicals, metals and poisons among others. It is difficult to eliminate heavy compounds that are in food, should eliminate bacteria with some hygiene standards; although it is not so easy to find the right formula.

Dr. Javier Castro Rosas

This scientist Javier Castro Rosas, from the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, and also one of those responsible for this research about the properties of the Flower of Jamaica, developed a product based on this flower that can be used to clean food.

With this method only 40% to 50% of the typhoid bacteria are eliminated. In the case of using commercial disinfectants and in “special for food”, the result is very low: they are eliminated from 10% to 20%. And if we take into account, Jamaica’s water is killing up to 90% of the bacteria. The Secretary of Health of Mexico recommends disinfecting lettuce, with 4 or 5 drops of chlorine.

Jamaica Water in Laboratory

This study was obtained from futas and vegetables from the Mezquital Valley , these are irrigated with black waters. The content of these foods were pathogenic such as Salmonella Typhi, which can cause typhoid, Escherichia coli, which can cause kidney damage and even death.

The anti-microbial potential resulting from the chalices of the flower of Jamaica is superior to that of chlorine and any commercial product; But it is necessary to formulate and combine the flower of Jamaica in several ways and that will depend on the characteristics of each food that you want to disinfect. Example: (roughness of the shell and thickness).

When the investigation was carried out, an important fact was that the specialists carried out a survey in the state of Hidalgo so that its inhabitants could tell which plants attributed, in an ancestral way , an anti-microbial effect to heal wounds or some infections of the organism. 100 different plants were made and anti-bacterial effects were found in several of them.

Properties of Jamaica Flower

The Jamaica its scientific name is Hibiscus sabdariffa, plant of the hibiscus family, which is native to Tropical Africa. But it is cultivated with great success in Mexico, Central America, South America, mainly in Venezuela, Colombia, Guyana and northeastern Argentina. It is also known as Jamaica rose, Abyssinian rose, rosella and hallelujah.

This plant is red, has an approximate length of 4cm, is formed by 5 petals and its shape is conical, similar to a small poppy.

The plant was cultivated to extract its hard stems; with them to make burlap; its red chalices were used as a food coloring, after which medicinal properties were attributed to it.

This flower is attributed diuretic properties, antiparasitic, antihypertensive, and a little laxative. There are people who say it has a slimming effect, and maybe it is due to its diuretic effect, because there is no evidence that it can accelerate metabolism and burn fat.

Other of its benefits that are attributed to it now; are its bactericidal properties that are currently investigated.

Jamaica water recipe

Steps to follow:

– Add 10 grams of Jamaica flower in ½ liter of water.
– In a period of 15 minutes, boil the water with the flower.
– Strain the water in a cup and add the infusion in a larger cup to add 1 liter and ½ of water.
– Keep the water of Jamaica in the refrigerator, if you want you can add the juice of a lemon.

How to take it?

At most, drink 3 cups of water from Jamaica during the course of the day.


It can cause hypotension and can not be used in pregnancy.

Important: This is only informative material, if you want to use this flower in any way, you should find out its use with specialists.

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