This Poison In Your Kitchen Makes You Fat And Harms Your Health

Currently the number of people that have obesity has been doubled worldwide, this can be due to the poor diet , congenital problems , diabetes , etc. The main problem that affects us all regardless of whether we are overweight or not, is the consumption of sweeteners and foods too sweet .

These foods, despite being delicious, harm our health and make us fat so fast.

It can start to be very difficult to diagnose the problem from the beginning, especially if you do not visit a doctor regularly.

Sweets and sweeteners are your enemies and they make you fat

Even if you think that regularly consuming chocolate , syrup , sugar , processed juices and other high-fat foods can be a good thing, you are actually increasing your chances of being overweight and chronic diseases . Do you want to know what are the symptoms that appear in your body when you are abusing these harmful chemicals?

Sweeteners generate brain tumors
There is an artificial sweetener called aspartame , it is one of the most dangerous edible chemicals because when it enters the body, it completely oxidizes the brain cells , causing their death and causing a series of tumors that can not be detected in time. Taking into account the seriousness of the matter, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of artificial sweeteners and fats.

The nervous system is really affected
After a prolonged time of consumption of chemicals and fats, you can get all kinds of nervous diseases, from depression and bipolarity to severe problems in the cognitive area . It is also very likely that you have anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders. The symptoms of these diseases appear after a year of consuming chemicals and many fats .

Risks of losing hearing and sight
As mentioned previously, the cognitive system is affected up to body time. The amino acids found in the composition of aspartame make the vision diminish with the passage of time , the same happens with hearing . If you do not see a doctor on time, both senses may be lost.

They cause skin diseases
Saccharin is one of the main causes why the body suffers an allergic reaction . Rashes and allergies appear on the skin from one moment to another, they do not heal easily and they give too much itching. There are cases in which people who ingest sweeteners often undergo changes in the dermis , that is, their skin becomes more sensitive than normal, becoming susceptible to hot weather.

On the other hand, we can not ignore the fact that the risk of having diabetes increases by 80% , taking into account that each sweetener has calories and carbohydrates that adhere easily to the bloodstream, altering the level of glucose in the blood, likewise , it causes severe damage to the pancreas , this is dangerous because if this organ does not work, the production of insulin can not be regulated.

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