This Is What The White Fibers Hide Under The Banana Skin

The banana is considered to be an exotic fruit, but for a long time it stopped being it, it is rare, it is exported all over the world and it is of great acceptance for the diverse ways that exist to cook it, we can eat it raw, roasted, baked or ripe, Either way is delicious. This ripe fruit is rich in any dessert or sweet that can be prepared.

When we peel the bananas we extract the white fibers that are under the skin, they are glued to the hands and half of the fruit, we can know them by having a less sweet flavor than the fruit and these fibers are called phloem, and the day today you will know something interesting.

What are those fibers called floemas that the banana contains?

The phloem is known as a conductive tissue of the plant, they transport the products of photosynthesis and in the case of banana, we could say that it is the same as the umbilical cord, interesting, right? Now, these fibers are what provide the necessary nutrients for the correct development of the fruit in the growth process.

The size and presence of these fibers are not a sign of the quality of the banana, so if you like this fruit, you can eat its fibers with tranquility because as you noticed, they are very healthy. Banana liquid gives you the same useful fiber, vitamins and minerals that the pulp contains. If you used to remove these fibers from bananas, now you know that those “hilitos” contain a lot of nutrients.

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