These Are The Secrets Of This Plant That Is Excellent For Urinary Infections, Kidney Stones, Anemia, Canceling Ovaries And At The Time Cleaning The Liver

Parsley is a two-year-old green, aromatic herb, and it comes from countries around the eastern Mediterranean, from where it spread across all countries of southern Europe. It is grown as a favorite spice herb.

King Carlo, who ruled at the end of the 1st century BC ordered to cultivate many herbs including parsley. This curly beauty quickly became an indispensable component of many dishes. From parsley, regardless of which variety, all parts of the root, leaves, seeds are used, both in fresh and dry conditions.

Chemical composition:

In the fruits of parsley, there is an essential oil, fatty oil, aleurur, tannin, yellow and glucoside apin. Aphin hydrolysis gives glucose, apoptosis, and apigenin (one trophyflavone). Petroselini oleum is essential oil obtained through distillation by means of water vapor from fried fruits of parsley. It is a colorless liquid that greatly violates the light. In the oil, there are also small amounts of phenol, andehyde, ketone and palmitic acid. Petroselim radix, the root of parsley, has also a similar essential oil, apiary, sugar, and mucus. Folium petroselini recens, fresh parsley leaves, in addition to essential oil, contains a significant amount of vitamin C.

Medicinal properties:

The fruits of the parsley and its essential oil act diuretically. Formerly, the apiol was used as a means of swinging and painful menstruation. It removes fluid retention in the abdominal area, in the legs, and in the chest before menstruation. The root of parsley is used as a diuretic spice and helps with urinary infections. The leaves of parsley are placed in painful places as a means of pain and inflammation. It stimulates hair growth. Parsley is rich in mineral matter, vitamins, and iron, which is why it is a great spice in the diet. To improve kidney and uterus, fresh parsnip juice can be consumed daily (2 teaspoons).

Note: Because the parsley is very “heated”, it should be carefully used in severe inflammation or kidney irritation.


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