The most common causes of hair coloring

Whistling hair is a sign of old age, but it is not quite the case. Typically, shaking is typical of people between 30 and 50 years of age, but due to stress, strain and other risk factors, it is also observed at an earlier age.

However unpleasant to many, the process of hair coloring is quite natural. Melanin is the pigment on which the hair color depends. The older we grow, the more hair in the hair follicle decreases and the hair becomes more gray. But

what happens if we have white hairs for young people?

Here are some factors that can negatively affect the color of your hair:

Gray hair may be a sign of various diseases in the body that we do not even suspect. Most often people with endocrine problems have white hair much earlier than healthy people. Autoimmune diseases, cancer, serious infections also damage hair follicles.

Lack of vitamin B12 is one of the main causes for white hair at an early age. If we notice this change, it should alert us to do research about some deficiency in the body.

Vitamin B12 is found only in animal products such as meat, fish, eggs and milk. Here a problem can be with vegans who do not use meat. But they have invented food supplements that are very effective. If a deficiency is found, doctors prescribe what amount of vitamin should be taken.

Smoking not only damages our skin but also hair. Nicotine also makes hair gray because it damages the hair follicles. This is proven by several separate US clinical trials.

Stress is also listed in the list of the major causes of hair loss and the appearance of health problems. The results of a study conducted by New York University in 2013 show that extremely high stress can change the stem cells in the hair follicles, leading to white hair at an early age. If our daily life is tense and sometimes stressful, we need to find a way to unload and “throw away” negative energy.
Some types of medicines used to treat malaria or autoimmune diseases contain hydroxychloroquine. This chemical may affect the hair. The only way is to consult with the doctor and find a way not to use medications with heavy ingredients that lead to gray hair.

There are many controversies over the internet about whether some foods can cause white hair early on. Some research on this subject suggests that sugar inhibits the vitamin E function , which is key to healthy hair growth. It is also believed that sugar prevents the body from absorbing proteins, vitamins and minerals – the most important things for good and healthy hair. Other studies have shown that excess uric acid levels can cause gray hair.

In fact, gray hair has become a hit in recent years. Many models – mostly middle-aged men – have been chosen for various advertising campaigns because of their white hair, which makes them even more charming for most women.

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