The important benefits of sleeping without a pillow

Applying the forehead to the soft pillow and the ability to cushion it with a chat-pill brings unmatched comfort during sleep . Is this, however, the best way to sleep despite the comfort provided ? There are at least 5 reasons to believe that it is not.

Sleep experts point at least as much evidence that sleeping without a pillow is healthier. Anyone who is willing to deprive himself of the comfort of his pillow can feel them and be relaxed to derive more benefit from sleep.

Prevention of wrinkles and acne
As soft as the pillow, the several-hour pressing of the face to it can not have an adverse effect on the skin. On the one hand, it shrinks and relaxes with the risk of wrinkles. On the other hand, people with more sensitive skin retained on the pillow have a permanent ability to irritate the skin and exacerbate acne and other chronic problems.

Back Pain
Relief Sleeping on your back is referred to as the most comfortable sleep posture to relieve back pain. If sleeping without a cushion, the positive effect is further enhanced because it ensures optimal posture for comfort and relaxation of the spine and back muscles. In addition, the hard and inconvenient pillow can be a direct cause of back and neck pain.

Improvement of sleep
Data in this regard are entirely the result of studies in people who have ceased using a pillow and from this time considerable positive qualities and the duration of their sleep. It is found that without a cushion it falls asleep more quickly and reduces the frequency of night wakes.

The benefits of sleep without a pillow are most striking in babyhood . Even the smallest cushion can lead to the development of the so- babies’ flattened head syndrome . It is expressed in disproportionately shaping the still soft skull as a result of pressure from the pillow at night. It is recommended that the pillow be secured only after the first year of the baby. It has been shown that the absence of a pillow does not in any way impair the quality of sleep in newborns.

No matter how comfortable a sleeping pillow is, it can not be said to be healthy regardless of age. It’s a matter of personal preference to choose the health benefits to comfort , but the cost is worth it. Besides, to a sleepless pillow we can quickly adapt.


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