The healing power of ginkgo biloba after a stroke

A new study suggests that a well-known ginkgo biloba can speed up the recovery of brain functions after a stroke. The study was conducted in China and confirms the evidence to date about the positive influence of ginkgo biloba on the full dewaxing of the brain .

In following 330 stroke patients , Chinese scientists have found that taking a ginkgo biloba extract six months leads to a significant improvement in cognitive function . Despite the small scale of the study, the results obtained are eloquent enough and scientists believe that ginkgo biloba can supplement the treatment of patients with stroke, especially in the absence of any side effects of taking the herb.

The average age of the patients who participated in the study was 64 years, completing their treatment with ginkgo biloba extract began about a week after the stroke.

One of the most common consequences of a stroke is the stinging of the patient’s memory, perception, mental and cognitive functions. The main objective of the study was to trace the effect of the ginkgo biloba extract to retard neurological damage in the brain and maximize the recovery of cognitive functions.

It has been established that by maintaining the peripheral circulation ginkgo biloba facilitates the irrigation of the brain, including after some of the blood vessels in the organ have been damaged. Improving the blood flow to the brain structures protects the remaining living after insult nerve cells and improves their functioning after experiencing ischemia and oxygen starvation.

The favorable effect of the ginkgo biloba extract after a stroke contributes in particular to the high content of bioflavonoids and glycosides in it. Ginkgo biloba is among the herbs with the highest natural content of this type of bioactive substance. Their effect in the body is to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, to facilitate the flow of blood and to reduce the tendency of platelets to cling to each other, forming thrombi .

Among the usual practices after a stroke is the intake of medications acting specifically to improve blood flow. Such an agent is the well-known aspirin. The study of the Chinese research team shows that patients with stroke who  received aspirin in addition to ginkgo biloba extract have reported the fastest positive results for restoring brain function.

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