The harmful habits we have in the shower

Taking a hot shower or bath is part of our everyday life. This way we maintain good hygiene, but also relax. For most people bathing in the bathroom is a mechanical action, like toothbrushing, which does not take much effort. Have you ever thought about bathing properly? Here are some examples of the most common harmful habits we have when taking a shower.

We all want to have healthy, clean and shiny hair. We think this can be easily achieved if we wash it every day, but the concept is completely wrong. Frequent washing with warm water and shampoo can dry and irritate the scalp of the head. If our hair is thinner and delicate, washing it every day will damage the hair follicles. Dermatologists are of the opinion that twice a week washing of straight hair is enough, and for the curly and dense – only once a week. The other thing is that then we love to wrap the hair with a cloth or rub it with it until it dries. This also breaks the structure of the hair, so it is better to use a softer cloth and gently absorb the water from the hair without pressing harder. Taking a shower is one of the greatest pleasures, but too long standing underwater can have the opposite effect. This will remove the natural fat in the skin and it will become dry. It is advisable not to bathe each day or if you do, stalling in the shower lasts between 5 and 10 minutes. Sometimes the weather is very hot, we sweat, we went to the gym and there is no way we can not bathe. In these cases, instead of omitting the bathroom, it is good to have a bath, even without sputum, so that we can not traumatise the skin excessively.

Another harmful habit we have in the bathroom is sometimes not to wash our legs or back . These parts are often ignored, but there are many dead cells that should be removed because they are susceptible to fungus and bacteria.

Bath sponge is a preferred bathing accessory, but it is among the things in the bathroom where most bacteria are collected . The reason is that we leave it moist without drying it after use . On its surface easily adhere to various microbes, which can be rubbed into the skin at the next bathing. In this way, irritations and irritations are received that are not pleasant to anyone.

Maintaining body hygiene is important, but moisturizing the skin after a bath too. The mistake of many people is that they are bathed with soap or shower gels that have coarser ingredients and dry the skin, then forget to apply body lotion or put it too late. According to dermatologists, moisturizing agents work best when placed on moist skin.

Another harmful habit we do not suspect is that we sometimes bathe too warm water . But the cooler shower has many advantages – it stimulates the circulation of blood in the body, refreshes the skin, acts as an antidepressant. We do not need to bathe only with cold water, we can just let go of the cold water and wearing it for 30 seconds.

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