The Correct Way To Prepare And Consume Broccoli And How Not To Lose It’s Health Benefits

Although this vegetable has a lot of medicinal properties, vitamins, minerals and nutrients , a lot of people stop adding it to their daily or weekly intake because they are carried away by its appearance and color, ignoring the big mistake they make by not consuming it. There are many beneficial factors in broccoli and it is necessary that we all have knowledge of them, in addition to the correct way to prepare it without losing its healing qualities.

Prevents stomach cancer
The recent studies carried out in the Universities of the United Kingdom have shown that broccoli can end the massive reproduction of the bacterium helicobacter pylori , which causes stomach cancer. On the other hand, it is also certain that it can fight colon and prostate cancer , it only has to be consumed regularly.

Fight breast cancer
The antioxidants found in the composition of this vegetable are those that are responsible for preventing the spread of cancer cells in people, especially in women and in the area of the breasts which, by the way, is a very delicate area. It is important to maintain a medical control to be aware of what happens in our body.

Improves eyesight
The vitamins A, B and C protect all the cognitive area, thereby improving the view memory and as an added bonus, the immune system. Taking into account this, we have no doubt that any bacteria that intends to enter our body will be blocked.

Prevents and puts an end to constipation
Broccoli has high levels of fiber, zinc, calcium and phytoestrogens , thanks to these you can fight constipation as it clears the intestinal tract in its entirety. Also, the symptoms of menopause decrease considerably and the prostate is favored.

Improves blood circulation
The vitamin K and iron play a primary work in the human body, for regulating blood pressure, improve circulation and cause cardiac work is carried out correctly . Thanks to that, you can avoid arterial blockages and blood clots in the veins that can prevent the distribution of nutrients throughout the body.

Correct way to prepare broccoli
Most people cook broccoli the wrong way, as they discard the stem and some of the small leaves that come out of it . It turns out that practically all the medicinal properties are found in these two areas of the vegetable. It is best to cut the stem into small pieces and cook it steamed or in a pressure cooker, do not boil it because its qualities are lost.

Try to consume broccoli at least once a week , look for several recipes or simple dishes and try each one, so that little by little you will get more taste in the vegetable and it becomes a habit to cook it.

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