Tension in the eyes – relax with a few exercises

Do you feel your eyes tense? Do you irritate the light from the lights and the computer in the office? This can lead to dry eyes, flushing of their hands, headaches. There is no way our work environment is ideal and not “irradiated” with different electronic devices. However, as at the end of the day we relax with a massage, a warm bath or a nice music, we need to find a way to free the tension from the eyes.

There are different eye exercises for which there is solid evidence that they help reduce eye weights, strengthen eye muscles, improve cognitive abilities. Still, they just soothe the eyes, but they can not help with more serious problems with them.

Here are some techniques we can do at any time – at lunchtime, after the end of the working day, at our rest.

Rotation of the eyes – this exercise is very effective if performed on a regular basis. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the eyes. It’s like sitting comfortably or standing upright. Our shoulders should be relaxed. Sit or upright, the neck is upright and the head straight ahead. First look to the right, then turn up to the ceiling. Then turn the eyes to the left, then down to the floor (clockwise). The duration of the exercise is 2 minutes, and we can do 2 sets of 10 reps.

Hand palm – can also be performed by people who wear contact lenses. Especially effective in tension and eye pain. Once we are comfortable, we rub the palms briefly to get warm, then close the eyes and put our palms on the eyelids. Their heat will lighten their eyes. The exercise is performed for about 3 minutes and one complex of 7 replicates can be done. It is important not to push hard with your palms.

Moving the finger – doctors prescribe this exercise to people who have lazy eye muscles. First we sit in a chair, leaning well and holding the door straight. We look ahead. We take a pencil or hold our index finger on the nose. We focus on it and move left and right, returning to the opposite position. We can do about 10 reps.

Pressing the eyelid – an exercise that will soothe our eyes and relieve stress at the end of the hard working week. We sit comfortably, close our eyes and take a deep breath. Place your finger on the eyelid and press it gently for about 10 seconds. We release the finger for 2 seconds, then press again gently. We can repeat this 10 times.

Massage of the eyes – also very effectively reduces the weight and dryness of the eyes. To make our own massage, we need to sit comfortably and place our fingers gently on the eyelids by moving the left and right in circular movements out. We repeat 10 times, then change the direction of the fingers.

Flashing – constantly staying in the computer or in the screen of the mobile tired of the eyes. In fact, this is because we forget to blink. An easy exercise solves this problem. It is performed as follows – we sit somewhere and look at us. Close the eyes and hold for about a second. Then we open them. Repeat flashing 10 times.

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