Skin stains – how to reduce them?

Dark spots on the skin appear over the years. The area around the eyes, the cheekbones are the places on the face where they are most common. They usually create discomfort for women who think they look older.

The condition of our skin depends on many factors such as the environment, the food we consume, the cosmetics and medicines we use. It is important to take care of the skin properly to make it healthier.

One of the biggest damage to the skin comes from the sun. UV rays penetrate the clusters and change the color of the skin that comes from the natural melanin pigment. When we are out, the sun stimulates the cells to produce more melanin , which makes the skin darker. Excessive exposure to sun may, however, cause overgrowth of the pigment, which causes brown spots on the skin. Darkening may be due to other factors such as:

1. Exposure to environmental pollution

Living in an area with factory activity could adversely affect the condition of our skin (due to different chemicals) and cause the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, pigmentation, and reduce its luster.

2. Medicines

Antibodies, antibiotics and some other medications that contain anti-arrhythmic and anti-seizure ingredients can cause darkening of some areas of the skin.

3. Age

The older we become, the more stains appear on our skin.

How to reduce pigmentation on the skin?

We can reduce the spots on the skin, but this process requires more time and patience. Here are the best ways to do this:

Exfoliation – Regular exfoliation of the skin can remove dirt from the pores and improve our complexion. The procedure is easy and feasible at home. It makes the skin clean and radiant.

Better protection – the harmful impact of the environment can be reduced by wearing hats and standing more in the shade than in the sun. In addition, antioxidants in our menu will help the body clear up from the toxins, many of which fall into it through the skin. Regular cleaning of the person at bedtime will also improve his condition.

Vitamin C intake – provides great antioxidant protection for the skin. Many studies have shown that vitamin C also helps to refine its appearance.

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