Shower in the morning or in the evening?

The morning shower is a wonderful way to “wash away” the inertia of sleep and to get cheerful. Evening shower can provide an efficient start to the relaxing procedures that prepare us for sleep. How can the same activity revive us and help us fall asleep? This is the important issue with regard to bathing as a relaxing procedure. However, in terms of its influence on our appearance and self-esteem , things are different.

Taking a shower or bath has a big role in skin and hair. As its condition varies under different weather conditions, the effect of bathing may vary and vary from positive to negative at different times of the year.

As the skin and hair is the most serious test, winter is the season when the impact of morning or evening bathing is felt most noticeably.

In winter, when the humidity of the air falls, parallel to the temperatures, the hair and skin problems become more frequent. Regardless of when they take a shower, people with dry skin should use moisturizing cosmetics immediately after it to keep moisture in their skin and prevent it from excessive drying. Most products of this type need to be given enough time to absorb the skin well. To make this process easier, people with dry skin should be able to bathe in the evening.Image result for Shower in the morning or in the evening?One more plus for evening bathing is the possibility of cosmetic and dermatological care for hair and skin to be complemented with a few purely aesthetic benefits.

Bathing in the evening allows the washing off of all substances absorbed on the surface of the hair and skin, which can act as allergens or contribute to their drying. The stay of these products, unspoilt throughout the night, hides their risks, especially in people with sensitive and problematic skin .

On the other hand, bathing in the evening also hides its negatives, especially for hair. People who bathe in the evening often neglect the need for good hair drying , which can damage the hair follicles. The pill prevents moisture from coming out of the hair at night and sleeping with even slightly damp hair leads to moisture build up in the hair follicles.

At worst, they crack and damage, which can lead to hair loss . Even in less severe cases, however, the excessive build-up of moisture in the hair follicles can make it difficult to grease, nourish and grow the hair normally, and make hair deplete. Given the adverse impact of winter conditions, such effects occur rapidly and with more serious consequences for the condition of the hair . With regard to the prevention of these problems, the morning shower has its advantages.

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