My Neighbor Every day Pour Olive oil in a Tangerine, When She Told Me Why I Ran To My House To Try

The use of candles comes back from prehistory and is demonstrated by the discoveries made in caves where hieroglyphs have been found that were painted on rock walls, in very dark places with the help of hollow stones where those first Men put on fats from animals that they left to burn for a long time.

The Romans, the Egyptians and the Chinese already made candles with different elements and used them in different occasions either to give light and heat or sometimes where they emphasized the sacred and believed to connect with Mother Nature or with God. It is also a way of honoring the dead, the holy places, the temples or illuminating the roads or the places that they inhabited.

It is believed that the candle is presenting the human being because it is known to be an element that nucleates the movement, the force and the energy everything that takes a person inside; The essence of man.

Over the years the candles in some way continued to be a symbol of religious and spiritual or a way of honoring something or someone. Currently, we can find them aromatic, decorated or made of various shapes and colors.

A time comes when the candles are of great value to Christians. Christmas is the time for reflection, forgiveness, hope … And we all like to illuminate our environments with candles that represent all that.

Today we will teach you to create your own homemade candles with an element as simple as a mandarin, and that besides being gratified by having done it with your own hands you will give to the environments this pleasant and refreshing aroma of the citrus.

To do this you must follow the following steps:

– Take a tangerine and cut the shell in half so that you can remove them without breaking them and discarding the fruit pulp.

– When you have the two equal parts of the mandarin, take one of them; And place a little olive oil in the one with the skin in the middle.

– In the other half of the shell you will make a star cut in the center so that the light comes out through these slits and creates the desired lighting effect.

– Once the tangerine peel has absorbed the olive oil, light the skin that will serve as wick.

– Place the half where you cut the star and your candle is already ready for you to decorate and aromatices the environments or make original centerpieces.

Below you will see a video for more detail on how to prepare this candle with mandarins. Always place this candle on a base to avoid accidents and do not forget to turn it off when you are no longer in the room.

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