Mint may be dangerous – who needs to avoid it?

Although one of the most useful, aromatic and loved herbs, mint is not completely harmless.

Exaggerating tea, oil, and other organic products made from peppermint can also cause side effects . They are well researched, as well as the fact that groups of people are more susceptible to their appearance depending on their age, gender and general health.

Mentally Side Effects

In the various forms in which mint is administered or administered, various side effects of overdose can be identified. Overdosage with mint tea has been found to provoke skin irritation, headache, heartburn, and mucosal problems.

Local administration of peppermint oil on the skin, especially on the face, can cause breathing disorders in infancy and even in mature people.

Taking capsules or other pharmaceutical forms containing mint extract may trigger allergic reactions with rash and skin inflammation.

The main cause of the side effects of the aromatic herb is the content of menthol in it – a bioactive substance that has a number of beneficial effects, but in high concentrations leads to undesirable effects. The menthol content differs in the different types of mint products, and this explains the different severity of the side effects of overdosing with them.

Who is predisposed to side effects of mint?

The risk of breathing problems is the reason for the consumption of mint to be very careful people suffering from asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases. The probability that some of the ingredients of mint, potential allergens, will pass into breastmilk causes the herb to be avoided by nursing mothers to protect the baby from the potential side effects of mint.

Mint oil should be used with caution by people with chronic stomach problems such as ulcer, reflux , etc. There is evidence that the product may also interact with some drugs ( nifedipine , simvastatin , etc.) and change or reduce their effectiveness.

Mentate is also not recommended for people with biliary tract, for gallstones or for liver problems . It is good for them to have any menthol-containing products to be consulted with a physician familiar with their condition.

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