How To Use Sea Salt As A Natural Exfoliant

The sea salt, coarse or ground, becomes an excellent natural exfoliant of the skin, totally natural and with incredible remineralizing benefits.

Discover how to use it at home easily.

An exfoliant is a product or element that is been applied to the skin and it helps in the natural process of eliminating dead cells, impurities and scales that are deposited regularly and daily on the surface of the epidermis. It is very much useful for rejuvenating the skin, improving the appearance when it is damaged from the sun, to improve acne scars, to discolor or eliminate stains and to reduce wrinkles in a completely natural way.

Its use is starting to become an extremely useful option for skin care, especially in those areas of our body that tend to be more exposed to environmental pollution. For this reason, the exfoliation of the skin of the face, arms and legs is especially important.

From a natural point of view it is possible to make your own natural exfoliants easily at home, using substances and products whose characteristics help them to be used as exfoliants. However, depending on the skin we have we will have to choose a softer type of scrub or a stronger one.

Within the soft exfoliants we can choose white or brown sugar, ideal for people with sensitive skin or for those who start using an exfoliant for the first time and do not know very well how their skin might react. And inside the strongest exfoliants we find sea salt.

The benefits of sea salt to exfoliate the skin

-Excellent for removing dead skin : sea salt when applied to the skin stands out for being a much more abrasive natural product, so as an exfoliant it acts more directly and intensely.

-Oily skin with acne : as you surely know, oily skin is characterized by increased production and the presence of acne. In this sense, sea salt is useful as an exfoliant to help absorb excess sebum.

-Natural mineralization: unlike sugar, sea salt is very rich in minerals, so it exerts a very healthy and therapeutic mineralization.

-Eliminates impurities : besides being useful for the elimination of dead skin, sea salt acts as a wonderful natural exfoliant when it comes to eliminating both toxins and impurities from the skin.

How to use sea salt as a natural exfoliant for the skin:


-1 cup coarse sea salt
-Half a cup of sea salt
-1 tablespoon of honey


Put the coarse sea salt in a mortar and carefully try to grind it a little. Then, in a bowl or bowl, place the ground sea salt, olive oil and honey in the amounts indicated.

Carefully mix all the ingredients until they are mixed and almost completely amalgamate.

How to use this natural exfoliant:

Once the exfoliant is made, you can apply it before bathing. To do this, cleanse the skin before using it and apply the sea salt scrub with care, always with gentle massage and always in a circular way , leaving it to act for 15 minutes.

Then bathe normally, and finally apply a moisturizer or a mask to nourish your skin.

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