How to Relieve Constipation with a Smoothie of Plums, Fennel and Flax Seeds

Thanks to the fiber contribution of its ingredients, this shake is ideal to combat constipation and all the associated discomforts, such as swelling or gas

Constipation is a digestive disorder that is characterized by the slowing down of the intestinal transit , which produces an inability to evacuate feces because, in turn, these tend to be hard and dry.

Those who suffer from it do not get to defecate regularly, either because they must make more effort to achieve it , or because they do not feel the need to do so for three or more days.

In many cases it is accompanied by pain and abdominal swelling, as well as gas, heaviness and other uncomfortable symptoms that can get worse if not controlled in time.

Its appearance is related to poor diets in fiber and liquid, but it can also occur due to stress, hormonal changes and sedentary lifestyle .

Fortunately, there are natural remedies that help control it, as its combination of ingredients gives the body the nutrients it requires for an optimal digestive process.

Among these we find a shake of plums, fennel and flax seeds which, due to its laxative properties , safely controls this problem.

Do not stop trying!

Shake of plums, fennel and flax seeds to relieve constipation
The ingredients that we mix in this delicious natural smoothie allow us to give the body a “plus” of fiber and antioxidant compounds that favor the activity of the intestine.

Its depurative and laxative properties help to remove the accumulated waste in the colon. In addition, it feeds the healthy bacteria that live inside it.

Benefits of plums

For many decades, plums have been one of the most widely used natural remedies for the relief of slow digestions.

They concentrate an important quantity of insoluble fiber, which helps to give volume to the faeces to facilitate their later elimination.

It also contains soluble fiber that, when assimilated in the body, improves bowel movement and helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL).

They are low in calories and, thanks to their contribution of minerals, they are also suitable to combat inflammation and fluid retention.

Benefits of fennel

Fennel, specifically its seeds, is a digestive and anti-inflammatory ingredient that has been popularized as a supplement to relieve constipation.

Its active compounds help improve intestinal motility, facilitating the evacuation of retained waste.

It favors the digestion of irritating and copious meals, which reduces acidity, reflux and inflammation.

Relieves abdominal pain and prevents excessive gas formation.

Benefits of flax seeds

Due to its high content of mucilage, flax seeds have been classified as an excellent remedy against digestive difficulties.

These substances form a gelatinous paste that helps moisten and increase the volume of stool, facilitating its passage through the intestine.
They improve bowel movement, which is key to removing waste.
Among other things, it is worth mentioning that they provide alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that combats inflammation, poor circulation and excess cholesterol.

How to prepare this shake to relieve constipation?

If you are looking for a soft and natural formula to combat constipation, be sure to prepare this homemade shake of plums, fennel and flax.

Its consumption will allow you to restore normal bowel movements and, in turn, will facilitate the detoxification of your body.


-6 large plums
-1 teaspoon of fennel seeds (5 g)
-2 tablespoons of soaked flax seeds (20 g)
-1 teaspoon of soaked hemp seeds (5 g)
-1 cup of water (250 ml)


-In individual glasses, put the flax and hemp seeds in soaking, from the previous night.

-The next day, boil the plums in a cup of water and, when they reach a boil, add the fennel seeds.

-Reduce the heat and let the ingredients cook for 10 minutes.

-Then, wait for the water to cool and transfer them to the blender jar.

-Incorporate the seeds that you have soaking and process at maximum speed.

-Mix all the ingredients for a few moments, until you get a homogeneous drink.

Consumption mode:

Eat the shake on an empty stomach, at least 5 days in a row.

Did you like the recipe? If your digestion is slow or you have difficulties to evacuate, prepare this healthy drink and check for yourself how good it is to improve your intestinal health.

Try to supplement your consumption with a diet rich in fiber and water to obtain better results.

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