How to Eliminate Intestinal Gases?

I am positive that some of you may have suffered from intestinal gases but you have not discovered how to eliminate them. These problems are usually a little painful and irritating when consuming any food.

The good thing we will learn is how to avoid this type of disease, discovering what foods I should eat with the foods I should avoid. So stay to see what those foods are.

How to Eliminate Intestinal Gases?

One of the biggest problems we can suffer is intestinal gas, you can approach something very common.

They are usually found in our abdomen creating an annoying pain and swelling. Studies have confirmed that the formation is created by bad dietary habits, causing our organisms to generate an excess of unhealthy air.

Establishing a good diet helps to minimize gas, making it improve the person’s life.

But how do we know which foods are prohibited? and Which ones are allowed to fight gases?

Foods that produce gases

– Beans, beans, chickpeas, lentils and peas. These legumes must be eliminated from the diet or reduce their consumption, except if they are pureed.

– Vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, cabbage, artichokes, turnips, Swiss chard, pepper, cucumber, asparagus and spinach.

– Cereals, especially whole grain, rice and wholemeal bread. Although they are beneficial to combat constipation, they are not indicated in case of meteorism or gas.

– Vegetables such as potatoes, radishes or raw onions.

– Fruits such as pineapple, plum, banana or raisins.

– Chocolate.

– Soft drinks, especially cola and beer.

– Red wine.

Foods that should be reduced:

– Milk: it is not recommended to take more than one glass a day.

– Yogurt and fresh cheeses: their consumption should moderate as they increase flatulence.

– Sugar: it is advisable to replace it with saccharin.

– Pasta: can be taken once a week, preferably without tomatoes.

– Peach, apple, pear, melon, watermelon and kiwi: they can be taken from time to time preferably ripe and peeled.

– Tomato, carrot and celery: it is advisable to reduce their consumption in salads.

Allowed foods

– Meats: any type is allowed, especially that of beef, chicken, suckling lamb and turkey.

– White fish and blue fish, especially rich in omega three fatty acids.

– Eggs crossed by water, poached, hard or in a French omelette.

– White bread in moderation: the advisable ration is one hundred and fifty grams a day.

– Natural fruit juices and without gas.

– Vegetable stew or pancake, but not more than once a week.

General recommendations

– Make food in a simple way. Choose better cooked and roasted than fried and battered.

– Chew food well, salivating well before swallowing.

– Eat little liquid during meals and choose non-carbonated beverages.

– Avoid drinking in porrón, botijo, boot or using straws to suck.

– Do not talk heatedly while eating and avoid making swallowing noises when drinking.

– Avoid chewing gum and sucking candies.

– Do not smoke since, in addition to damaging your lungs, you swallow air by doing so.

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