How harmful can the hair press be?

The fact is that styling hair may give rise to more problems , than positive effects . Particularly when it’s over with the hair press.

The risk to hair can come not only from the aggressive influence of some chemicals on hair products but also from purely physical treatment. In this regard, frequent straightening of the hair with a press can result in at least 5 undesirable side effects.

Drying Hair
Dry Hair is the most common side effect of frequent straightening. The high temperature quickly removes the hair from its natural moisture and from the fats that retain moisture and give it the characteristic glow . In the long run, regardless of the type of hair, frequent drying with the press deprives her not only of brilliance, but also of elasticity and strength.

Useful advice : Always dry your hair thoroughly after bathing before standing up. This will reduce its side effects.

Picking and Spraying Hair
Frequent straightening with the press is the most direct way to lose control of your hair completely and make keeping a certain haircut almost impossible. The effect very much resembles hair rash at high humidity.

Useful trick : Always use a balm or a moisturizing mask with coconut oil or olive oil for profusely moisturizing your hair before straightening.

Blossoming hair blossom
Drying has the most visible and quick effect on the hairs – they break and the so-called flowering edges . An additional risk comes from the fact that the hair ends are the most accessible and are generally treated most easily and prolonged with the press.

Increased hair loss,
frequent straightening affects not only the hairline but also the follicle. This explains why hair loss is among the most common complaints in people who abuse hair straighteners and apply the press very close to the base of the hair. The problem is explained by the collapse of hair follicles, and the bad news is that standard anti- hair loss agents may prove to be less effective in similar situations.

Scalp scalp
Damage of hair follicles in often hair straightening not only increases hair loss but also aggravates skin condition on the scalp. The less the vital follicles, the lower the natural grease and the scaling of the scalp, and the faster the skin dries. This creates ideal conditions for the appearance of complaints such as itching, burning and scaling of the scalp, including the appearance of dandruff . The problem can spread and affect the skin around the ears, the forehead or the neck.

The most dangerous for the occurrence of the above mentioned indications is the straightening of the hair with a press more often 2-3 times a week . It is imperative to combine the procedures with improving the care of moisturizing hair, if possible with natural and maximum hair-care products.

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