How durable is bottled water?

The requirement for mandatory labeling of the shelf-life of all food products requires that it put bottles on bottles even on labels . However neutral the water, limiting its shelf life is actually not as unnecessary as it seems.

If bottled in clean conditions and stored in a suitable environment, the bottled water may retain its shelf life for a much longer period than usually 1-2 years. However, this is almost unachievable in practice.

It is therefore desirable to consume the bottled stitch within its shelf life and, as soon as possible, as soon as possible after it is closed.

The risk of deterioration in the quality of bottled water due to its very aging is very low. The danger in this case comes from two main areas:

Pollution of the water from the components of the material from the bottle;
Development of microorganisms in water due to poor storage;

Image result for How durable is bottled water?Most types of bottled water are stored in plastic containers , with the quality of plastic and its material safety being among the most discussed topics in recent years. Most data show that as comfortable as it is, it is not absolutely safe, especially when it comes to prolonged contact with water.

However, glass bottles also do not guarantee long-term safety of the water stored in them even when bottled in a clean environment. The danger in this case comes mainly from the conditions under which water is stored.

It is recommended that bottled water should not be exposed to direct sunlight and not keep warm. It is also mandatory to consume quickly after printing the bottle . Dangerous bacteria can develop into water from an open bottle even within 2-3 days.

Most experts are united around the notion that well-stored bottled water retains its consumer safety for a much longer period of time than the one outlined on its packaging. According to them, bottled water with a shelf life is not dangerous and the main differences may come from any changes in its taste qualities .

Ie. the shelf life of bottled water is rather a matter of quality rather than safety. Provided, however, that it is bottled and stored with due care.

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