Home Treatment To Reverse The Pigmentation Of Hair That Produces Gray Hair

When we reach a certain age, our body begins to show signs of old age and is normal, because the body undergoes a series of transitions as we age, but as these changes occur internally, externally can also be noticed, for example, wrinkles and gray hair . The latter can also appear due to congenital or nutritional problems and as many will know, it is somewhat complicated to camouflage them. However, there are very effective natural treatments , especially those based on sage , which serves to reverse the pigmentation of the hair.

The salvia has the particularity of regenerating the hair strands in short periods of time, achieving not only eliminate gray hair, but also cure the damaged ends and eliminate dandruff . Within the variety of natural remedies with sage, today we are going to provide you with the two most effective, one of them with pure rum and the other with a mixture of plants equally beneficial for general health. If you see that someone can serve you, do not hesitate to take them out.

Natural remedies based on Salvia to eradicate gray hair

Salvia and Ron

Take a liter of water and pour it in a pan, place it in your kitchen and let it boil, once you have reached this point, add a few leaves of sage to continue boiling for two hours over very low heat . After the time, remove the pot from the fire, wait for it to cool, add two tablespoons of pure rum and mix well so that the liquid becomes homogeneous and perfect to apply. Ready the procedure, wash your hair with that water and perform small massages on your scalp, wait a few minutes for the remedy to take effect and ready.

Salvia, rosemary and thyme

Boil a liter and a half of water and then add 4 branches of sage, two of Romero and two of thyme . The mixture of plants you will let it boil for a few minutes, strain the liquid and apply it to your hair when you go to wash it. Like the previous remedy, you have to massage your scalp and extend the remedy from the root to the tip, wait 10 minutes to settle in your hair and moisten again with plenty of water.

For both remedies it is necessary to be constant , only then you will be able to notice the changes that will happen to your hair. The pigmentation will decrease, your hair will be nourished and you will enjoy good hair health for a long time.

Medicinal properties of salvia

This plant has the presence of essential oils, vitamins B, C, tannins, flavonoids and phenolic acids that can also serve to improve the health and appearance of your hair, also help you improve your digestion, fevers, muscle aches, ailments and menstrual discomforts and respiratory problems.

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