Herpes on the lips – stress matters

Burning, irritation and itching of parts of the mouth. These are the first symptoms of annoying herpes that everyone has had at least once in their lives. It can occur in both children and adults. It is characterized by a whitish bubble full of water, which in a few days becomes a skin ulcer.
What causes the formation of labile hepresis (lips)?

The herpes simplex virus (HSV ) virus is transmitted through the exchange of body fluids and infected skin. There are type 1 and type 2. Herbal lip balm is most often caused by the first. It damages the skin, penetrating it and multiplying. The blisters that appear last for about a week. Then the unpleasant symptoms disappear, but the virus remains in the skin for a few more days.

One can get one herpes a year and another one every month. It depends on many factors such as health, sunlight, personal hygiene, and more.

The herpes kids’ toes and herpes, but there is one. The first entity affects the area of the mucous membrane of the mouth, while the second part of the lips. appears for the first time in childhood. Infection occurs most often by kissing. Very often we do not make a difference between

Stress is one of the main reasons for the appearance of herpes in the lips. That’s why in the past our grandparents called it a stunt. Once the immune system of a person falls and he becomes ill, the risk of developing herpes increases. The reason is that his body changes, and every change is stress for the body.

Bladder problems can also cause the formation of herpes – because of the urinary infection that is growing.

We can relieve the place where the herpes is located. This is done through various soothing creams , as well as the application of cold and warm compresses. If we have a bigger crust, we should not take it away, but wait for her to fall. Otherwise we will not only irritate the place, but we will remain a scar.

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