Hawthorn – herb for heart and calming

Leaves, flowers, fruits of the gloss are used for the production of medications for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases – heart failure, angina and arrhythmia, problems with blood circulation. They are used in moderate heart failure, but there are conflicting results from clinical trials, which suggest that care should be taken when using it in cardiac patients.

Although it helps with heart failure , there is still insufficient research into its effectiveness in similar cardiovascular diseases. Blood

is normalized to the blood pressure, i.e. also works with high blood pressure to reduce it and vice versa. It helps pump the blood to the arteries at the contraction of the heart muscle and improves the transmission of the nerve signals. At the same time it contributes to the relaxation of the blood vessels located further from the heart due to the proanthocyanidin component therein.
Image result for hawthornStudies have found that hawthorn contributes to the reduction of bad lipids in the blood – high LDL cholesterol and triglycerides . It also lowers the deposition of fatty plaques on the arterial walls and the build-up of cholesterol in the liver. This effect of the fruit is, in particular, due to the stimulation of bile and the release of more bile juice and its effect on the receptors for low density lipids.

Hawthorn is also applied to some digestive system problems to improve digestion, stomach pains , diarrhea, intestinal infections. Some use it in muscle cramps, menstrual cramps, to stimulate the flow of urine and relief in anxiety disorder moderately in combination with magnesium.

It is also used in skin treatment preparations for boils, ulcers, wounds, and complaints of pruritus and frostbite.

It is believed to have antioxidant action.

It is recommended that hawthorne is taken for a relatively short period of time, up to 16 weeks, as it is not known whether its longer-term administration will harm.

Some complaints and side effects have been reported in patients for its use as nausea, indigestion, swelling, headache, dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, palpitations, sweating, agitation, nose bleeds.

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