Foods that can cause you headaches and migraines

Headaches and migraines may occur for a number of reasons, but some experts agree that they can sometimes be caused by medication, changes in the endocrine system, and lack of sleep.

In addition to these and many other factors, the wrong way of feeding, that is, the food we enter, is the reason.

According to surveys, 10% of people suffer from migraine due to eating disorders.

The following list will help you to find out which foods can cause you headaches. Of course, this does not mean that you should completely stop consuming it, but it’s good to know.

Foods to look out for:

Citrus fruits

These types of fruit contain a lot of acid that affects the level of blood pH and increases the chances of headaches.

Some studies have shown that about 11% of people with headaches reported that citrus fruit is the main culprit for this.


Cold food and beverages

If you have a habit of frequent eating ice cream or drinking cold drinks hastily when you are warmed up by physical activity or hot temperatures, you may get a cold-stimulated headache that lasts up to a few minutes.



Excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to headaches and you should therefore limit your coffee intake to 200-300 milligrams (2-3 cups of coffee). Keep in mind that caffeine can also be found in other products such as chocolate, cocoa, tea.



Many know that red wine can cause headaches, but studies have shown that other alcoholic beverages such as beer, sparkling wine and other spirits can make your head ring.

There are two types of alcohol headache – one typical, which begins in the next few hours of consumption, and the other is overdue, or a hangover.


Additives – nutritional supplements

Chemicals that are added to foods often have no nutritional value and can have adverse health effects.

They can often cause headaches, so try to avoid food containing additives.

Harmful additives are commonly found in canned foods, processed meat, soft drinks, sweets, ice cream, candy, chips and many other products.

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