Fish Bone In The Throat: Symptoms And Removal Solutions

Quick solutions for an annoying setback like having a fish bone in your throat. What to do?

What do you do when you have a fish bone in your throat ? An uncomfortable problem that can often appear when eating fish, and although in principle it is not serious, swallowing a spine accidentally may require medical attention, especially if it is not spontaneously unblocked when eating or blood appears.

In freshwater fish, such as trout or perch, it is easier for the spines to become camouflaged and, without realizing it, we swallow one during eating and stay stuck in the throat or gums. Is swallowing a fishbone bad? It is not advisable to underestimate this problem, because if the spine gets stuck it can cause serious damage in the throat area.

Symptoms fish bone stuck in the throat

A spine of fish is a foreign body in the esophagus (throat), so it should be removed as soon as possible. Among the most common symptoms:

-Discomfort when swallowing and foreign body sensation.
-Sore throat or bleeding .
-Mucous infection.
-Swelling due to inflammation of the tissues

How to remove a fish bone stuck in the throat?

We can resort to home remedies to remove a thorn from the throat , but being cautious and calling the doctor as soon as possible if we notice that the spine is large or very pinned.

Gargling water with salt

The first thing is to drink water to clean the throat, and then we can try to gargle with warm water with a little salt and lemon juice , to prevent possible local infections.

Eat bread crumb

It is one of the best known home remedies, eat bread crumbs , chewing well before swallowing without drowning. Before the crumb, to clean the throat, drink a glass of water.

Gargling with propolis

A natural remedy if we notice inflammation is to gargle with propolis for a few minutes, with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Eat marshmallows

The malvisco, the candy known as clouds or hams, adds to the home remedies to try to move the spine stuck in the throat . Place a few marshmallows in your mouth, without catching, and chew well.

Eat nuts

As an alternative to try to drag a thorn stuck in the throat to the stomach, eat a handful of nuts or a bite of peanut butter sandwich . Take a glass of water to swallow better. It is very important to remember that in case of any doubt or sign of choking, the doctor should be consulted immediately.

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