Find Out Where Your Body Fat Is Located To Eliminate It

Excess body fat is in common with the combination of poor diet and along with little exercise. However, although these two factors can be very determinant, they are not the only ones that are behind the excess of weight. Depending on the location of the body where the fat accumulates, the cause of that accumulation can vary. That is why, if you determine where your body fat is located, the easier it will be to eliminate it.

You can take the following image as a guide. Look at what part of your body you think your fat accumulates, and compare it with the characters in the photo.

Remember that not all bodies should be perfect and that if your health is not compromised, trying to lose weight or not to do it is your decision.

1. Overweight feeding

This type of overweight is the most common and is strictly caused by poor diet. Overeating and foods rich in sugar or fats. It depends on the shape of your body where these fats are going to accumulate.

The recipe for lowering this type of fat is to be constant. Start a balanced diet and do 30 minutes of exercise per day. By doing this, you will see results right away.

2. Nervous overweight

This type of fat is developed mainly by anxiety, stress, and depression. In general, it is also associated with a compulsion to eat sweet things and does not accumulate in a specific area.

The best thing to do away with this type of body fat is to reduce stress levels. Ideally, Look for a physical activity that helps release tensions. Ideal: yoga. You will see improvements in a short time.

3. Overweight in buttocks

This type of overweight is more common in women and is linked to hormonal changes.

Fat accumulates in the gluteal area, generally in adolescence, menopause, or any other time when there is a hormonal imbalance. However, in some women it is genetic.

To eliminate this type of fat, the most important thing is not to spend too much time sitting. The idea is to do exercises with weight, and not aerobic like running or swimming. The important thing is to tone the muscles of that area. Recommendation: weight squats.

It is also recommended to reduce alcohol and cigarette consumption.

4. Astrological metabolic overweight

This type of fat is characterized by a heavily inflated stomach because all the fat accumulates in this part of the body.

Its origin is directly associated with alcohol consumption. Those who suffer from it often also have trouble breathing.

To eliminate this type of fat, we must drastically reduce the consumption of alcohol; As far as possible, eliminating it completely. If you also add some physical activity, the changes will be seen quickly.

5. Circulatory Overweight

This type of body fat accumulates in general for genetic reasons. It is common to appear during the embryo, and is distinguished by having swollen feet.

The most important thing to reduce this type of swelling is to take care of good circulation. Exercising like running or climbing is not a good idea because it can cause damage. Ideal: swimming.

It is important to drink plenty of water and pay close attention to your feet. If you touch the soles of your feet, you should see a doctor.

6. Sedentary overweight

This type of body fat accumulates for spending many hours sitting, without physical activity. It is more common in men than in women.

He also appears in those who were accustomed to doing a lot of physical activity and left him.

The key to eliminating it is not to skip meals, and to perform cardiovascular physical activity. Although they are 30 minutes a day, it significantly reduces the sedentarism and puts the body in movement. It is important to drink plenty of water and pay close attention to your feet. If you touch the soles of your feet, you should see a doctor.


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