Feverfew – a natural medicine for migraine

Herb Feverfew ( Tanacetum parthenium ) e most powerful natural means for controlling migraine. Individually for the preparation of a decoction or as an extract included in the composition of a number of medicaments, the tongue brings a serious relief for a severe migraine headache .

Mother’s tingling acts favorably to reduce the incidence and frequency of migraine attacks.

The beneficial effect of the herb is associated with the high content of a specific substance in the terpene lactone group. This is partenolide . Momin’s tansy is among the herbs in which it is contained in the highest concentrations.

Parotenolide has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor effect . One of the factors that trigger headache in migraine is the release of bioactive substances that expand the blood vessels in the head. This irritates the nerve endings located along these vessels, and they react by unlocking the sensation of pain. The combined anti-inflammatory and vasopressing effect of partenolide helps to quickly manage the headache . In addition, regular intake of male trichinate products inhibits the secretion of substances that lead to vessel expansion. Thus the herb also provides quality prevention of migraine headaches.Image result for FeverfewThe beneficial effect on the contraction and relaxation of the smooth vascular muscles allows the maiden tansade to relieve not only the headache during a migraine attack. Other symptoms of migraine also respond well to partenolide. These are nausea and stomach pains that are provoked by spasms of smooth muscles.

Mother’s tingling also affects the tendency of platelets to clump and form thrombi. Prevention of thrombosis is an additional positive because problems with blood vessel function in migraine sufferers may be complicated by a tendency to increased thrombosis.

In addition to its complex beneficial effect on migraine symptoms, maiden tingling also acts as a powerful antipyretic . It helps to lower body temperature and has a very fast and positive action in fever and fever. It is no coincidence that in the scientific circles the extract of maiden trickery is referred to as “the medieval aspirin “.

The herb grows freely at our latitudes and can be found and collected freely. However, it is important to consult a physician , especially in the treatment of migraine in children and pregnant women, in order to avoid the possible side effects of partellinol.

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