Every Guest Who Enters The Bathroom of Your House Will Come Out Asking the Secret of This Wonderful Smell.

Maintaining hygiene at home is one of the primary tasks. So much so that almost every family does a cleaning at home every day. And is that, although they are not at home, dust and dirt are looking for a way to sneak into the home.

To maintain a clean and pleasant environment, it is necessary to clean with some regularity. But like the living room, the kitchen and other places in the home, the bathroom must also remain impeccable.

However, for the type of activity that takes place in the bathroom, many consider that cleaning it is something disgusting. However, even if we do not like it, we know we should do it, it is better to have to clean it to have to use it full of dirt and germs.

To clean the bathrooms there are many products that can be found in the supermarket. We have detergents, liquid soaps, disinfectants and things like that. However, although they are effective, these products are corrosive to our health. Therefore, many housewives desist from using them to take care of their health.

If that is your case, you will be happy to know that there is a simple and healthy way to clean your bathroom. To do this, you must prepare a “domestic toilet cleaner”. This potent product will not only remove dirt from the toilet but also leave you with a rich odor and good smell. If you want to learn how to prepare this bathroom cleaner, pay attention to the following instructions.


– Baking soda (160 grams)

–Lemon juice (60 ml)

-Vinegar (1/2 tablespoon)

-3% hydrogen peroxide (1 tablespoon)

– Essential oil of your choice (15-20 drops)

Preparation and Use Mode:

-To begin, we should put the baking soda in a container, where we will add the lemon juice.

– Next, we mix the hydrogen peroxide with the vinegar in a separate container. Then, we proceed to add the essential oil we have chosen.

-Then, we add this substance to the container where the bicarbonate is and mix everything very well.

– Now, with a teaspoon, we must take the substance and make shapes of half spheres that we will place on a baking paper until they dry.

Before they can be used, they will require at least 4 hours of drying. In any case, it is preferable to do it at night and let them rest until dawn. Then, we will take them and store them in a jar with airtight lid.

Every time you notice that the bathroom loses its fresh scent, go back to using one of these.

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