Do You Know What You Can Get When Mixing Olive Oil With Bay Leaves? You’ll Be Surprised

Bay leaves are a very popular seasoning that has always had one special place in everyone’s kitchens.

But few know that the bay leaves can be used for many health purposes and not just for food preparation.

You can use this foliage to prepare a medicinal oil, which has excellent health properties. Today we are going to write more about the characteristics of this product, and the form of its application.

Laurel Leaf – Health Benefits:
-Reduces pain
-Calms the nervous system
-Increases and stimulates the sweating process
-Strengthens the immune system
-Increases mental activity in general
-In addition, it can be used to treat varicose veins and joint pain.


-30 grams of bay leaves
-250 ml of olive oil


Grind all the leaves with your hands or a mortar. You must crush them until you see that they begin to release a light oil. This is why they must be fresh and not dry.

When you have them well crushed, introduce them with the oil they have released in a container with airtight seal and cover them with olive oil. Then cover and let it marinate for two weeks in a cool place free of moisture.

After the time, you will have to change the laurel leaves for new ones to intensify the aroma. Simply pick up fresh leaves, wash them, mash them and add them to the jar with the oil, cover it and leave it for two more weeks.

Once these two weeks are over, you can strain the oil . To do this you will need a cotton or gauze cloth. Simply place the cloth or gauze over the container where you are going to reserve it for use and pour the oil over it. Then, squeeze the cloth as much as you can to retain as little oil as possible.

Laurel Oil As Medicine:

If necessary, you can heat it slightly on the fire. Rub the oil thoroughly into the diseased joints.

In addition to the treatment of the joints, bay oil is also used for the treatment of migraine and ear diseases. If you have a severe headache you can massage the oil at the temples. In this way, the pain will disappear very quickly.

Laurel oil can replace aspirin, because it is able to reduce the increase in body temperature. It also helps in the elimination of pain in the stomach and intestines, normalizes liver and kidney function, and improves appetite.

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