Must Have Vanity Planet Makeup Brushes

I haven’t treated myself to a new set of makeup brushes since I competed in Miss Florida USA about three years ago. As I’m sure you can imagine, an upgrade was long overdue. Also, I’m not too proud to admit that, up until very recently, I had no idea how to “properly” use half of them. It…

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Clean your Coronary Arteries with Only 3 Ingredients

The role of the arteries in the human body is, in fact, the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the heart and other important organs of the body. Logically, these need to remain clean to keep their health. Because of this, proper nutrition is crucial to the arteries and all of their health. Highly processed…

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How To Use Sea Salt As A Natural Exfoliant

The sea salt, coarse or ground, becomes an excellent natural exfoliant of the skin, totally natural and with incredible remineralizing benefits. Discover how to use it at home easily. An exfoliant is a product or element that is been applied to the skin and it helps in the natural process of eliminating dead cells, impurities and…

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