Beware, China Is Making Plastic Rice – Here’s How To Spot It

All the things that we eat have a big influence on our health, so we have to pay great attention to what we consume daily. It is of great importance to avoid foods filled with chemical, fat, cholesterol and too much sugar, and choose healthier food.

But there is something else that has us worried– China has started to produce plastic rice.

The plastic rice is produced from a synthetic resin or plastic and potatoes, sweet potatoes. When these ingredients are mixed together they can form grains just like rice.

So, in this case, you should know the difference and how to distinguish the plastic rice from the normal one.

See if the rice will float in water. Check this by putting a tablespoon of rice in water. If it actually floats in water, this means that it is the plastic rice.

Do not consume the rice if a thick layer appears on the surface when you boil it.

You can also do the fungus test. Take a cup of rice and boil it, then put it in a container and place it on your counter. After a few days, see if there is mold on the rice. Organic and natural rice will have to mold, and the plastic rice does not.

Watch the following video if you want to see the results of these tests.

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