All this time you have boiled rice the wrong way! What is the right way?

Scientists say there are millions of people wrongly cooking rice and therefore risking their health.

Recent experiments have shown that the most common way of preparing rice is to boil in already boiled water, but also that this is not enough to remove the arsenic.

In the country for decades, industrial toxins and pesticides containing arsenic are accumulated, and they are absorbed through the root of the plants and in the product that we later eat.

These toxins and arsenic can cause a variety of health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

To show that this is true, Professor Andy Mirg shows us three ways of digesting rice:

1. The first is the most common way of digestion – digestion of rice in water 2: 1. In this way the water completely evaporates and one part is absorbed into the rice, and thus the arsenic remains in the rice.

2. The second way was to digest rice in water 5: 1. The rest of the water overcame and then measured arsenic levels in the same. In this way, even half of the absorbed arsenic is cleaned from rice.

3. In the third, he left the rice to stand overnight. With this way of preparing even 80% of the arsenic is discharged through water.

Therefore, the safest way of cooking rice is to leave it to stand in the water overnight, then several times to pass it and eventually cook it.

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