A Few Reasons That Make You Sick After You Eat

Nausea and discomfort in the stomach are among the most unpleasant health problems with a strong impact on lifestyle. The reasons for their occurrence are different, and very often the disorders in the function of the digestive system are the underlying factor . They are the cause of nausea occurring soon after meals, and are particularly marked after ingestion of certain types of foods.

To alleviate and prevent nausea after eating, both classical and alternative healing approaches and the consumption of certain foods can be relied upon. What they will be depends on the causes of discomfort and nausea after eating. The leading causes are three.

Gastric ulcer
Nausea immediately after eating is the most striking symptom of stomach ulcer. The sensation is unlocked as soon as the food enters the stomach and is often accompanied by burning and pain spreading upward to the esophagus and back to the back. The main cause of ulcer disease is Helicobacter pylori bacteria that settle the stomach lining and make it more sensitive to the action of gastric juices.

It occurs in 2 types – autoimmune and atrophic gastritis. They persist with inflammation of the stomach lining, leading to a feeling of lifting and nausea shortly after eating. These complaints are often accompanied by a feeling of overstretched stomach and burning pain.

Gastroesophageal Reflux
Known also as heartburn, reflux is a condition in which gastric juice returns upward along the esophagus. Along with the burning sensation in the esophagus, reflux also often occurs with nausea that occurs soon after eating. The main reason for it is the irritating action of gastric juice on the lining of the esophagus and the contractions of smooth muscles that it causes.

Regardless of the cause of nausea after eating, medical advice is imperative for appointing the most appropriate and safe treatment.

Along with the means of classical medicine, nausea after eating can be alleviated with some changes in the way you eat . Positive effects against gastritis have chamomile or licorice decoctions. Bananas act as a natural antacid for relieving nausea caused by reflux. The manuka meal with its powerful antibacterial action successfully reduces the number of disease causing bacteria causing stomach ulcer.

As a preventive against discomfort and nausea after eating, it is recommended to reduce the amount of food received. Minimalism in nutrition , i. smaller but regular meals are the basis of healthy eating and have a very positive effect especially when foods are properly combined.

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